I am a big believer in sharing the fantastic work and efforts of my fellow makers.  Below are some of the tutorials I’ve used over the years to learn the techniques I use for many of my patterns.  Please be sure to check out these makers, subscribe and follow them on youtube, and leave them lots of love and support!




Modified Single Crochet Stitch:  Used in all of my tapestry crochet projects!
Visit   www.alltapestrycrochet.com
Watch the tutorial on how to do the modified single crochet stitch here:
Modified Single Crochet Stitch – by All Tapestry Crochet









Crab Stitch Border:  I use this stitch to give my basket patterns a nice finished look.
Watch the tutorial by Bella Coco Crochet here:  Crab Stitch Border
Also – check out the Bella Coco Crochet Website for an amazing catalog of stitch lessons and other crochet tutorials!







Crocodile Stitch – I’ve used this stitch on a variety of different projects over the years, but predominantly on my Snowy Owl Pillow.  I found this tutorial by Tamara Kelly of Moogly Blog to be a very helpful visual of how to accomplish this stitch!



Fabric Bag Liner  – I find this video tutorial from Jess at Hott Knots to be very helpful if you are wanting to add a fabric liner to any crochet bag you make.  I used this tutorial for adding a liner to my Carnival Tote.  Check out all of Jess’s great tutorials on her you tube channel!






I will be adding more of my favorite tutorials (and even a few of my own) to this page as new patterns call for them!  Thank you for stopping by and as always, feel free to reach out or leave comments with questions.