The Dotty Cowl

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The Dotty Cowl is FINALLY here!  This pattern has been a labor of love for the last few months, and I could not be more excited to share it with you all.  Dotty combines some of my favorite fiber crafting tricks:  simple colorwork, knitting in the round (it goes SO fast), and mixing fiber types (in this case, a cotton yarn with an acrylic).

Speaking of the yarn, here are a few details about the yarns I used.  For the Dotty Cowl, I combined We Are Knitters – the Pima Cotton with Lion Brand Yarns –  Ferris Wheel  and I gotta say, the end result was better than I even imagined.  The drape and definition of the cotton, combined with the soft self-changing color of the Ferris Wheel yarn resulted in pure MAGIC, friends.  All details on yardage and colors used can be found in the free PDF download, below.


This pattern requires some focus, but is a great pattern for an advanced beginner to intermediate knitter who has the fundamentals of knitting down, and is ready to try some colorwork.  Since this is only a 2-color pattern, it has all the flavor of colorwork without having to manage too many strands.  Once you get in a groove, you won’t even need the graph.


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As always – this pattern is the property of Stephanie Lewis, and is not to be copied or sold in any capacity.  Items created from the patterns can be sold.  If you make a Purl Highlight Cowl, I’d love to see it!  Send me an email or tag me on instagram.

Happy Making!





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  1. Hi Steph, this is a lovely pattern! I have just printed it out but no pictures or charts were on it. Am i doing something wrong?

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