Snowy Owl Pillow

This adorable throw pillow is made with the crocodile stitch!  All of the finishing details, yarn information, and written pattern instructions can be found in the PDF below.


Happy Making!  If you make this pillow, please feel free to tag me in an instagram post!  I love seeing all of your makes!



All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  For personal use only  – you may sell finished items you make with this pattern, but please do not sell, reproduce, or edit the pattern itself.



66 thoughts on “Snowy Owl Pillow

  1. 😍I love it. I want to make that for the first time in all my life. This owl bring me inspiration. Thx do much for share this awesome picture.❤👍

  2. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Having the link to the tutorial for crocodile stitch helped me so much. I have just made this for my grandson.

  3. My iPad won’t download the Snowy Owl pillow. I’d love to make this. Is there another way to get this pattern? Thank you.

    1. The problem is the pattern file is HUGE (58.61 MB) even though the PDF is only 8 pages. If you have the original file (the one that can be edited, not a PDF) try saving it as a PDF again. It should be about 1 MB.

      1. Thank you for letting me know Merrie, I’ve temporarily removed the pattern so I can convert it to my new PDF format which should resolve this issue, it will just take me a bit of time.

      2. Aww this makes me sad, my pillow just ripped, looking to find the yarn to make a cover, I’ve had this pattern pegged for a while now 😓 look forward to the PDF!

  4. I’d love to have this pattern, but my iPad won’t download the pdf. Is there another way to get it. I’m willing to pay shipping cost. Thank you.

      1. Hi Ana – Sorry for the problems – you are not the only one having them! I’ve removed the pattern for now and will be reposting it in the new format on 9/26/20 – check back then to download!

  5. Hi, I’m making this and wondering how to do the second half. Do I do crocodile stitch to the halfway point and carry on with the row in sc, or do it separately and join both sides at the end?

  6. Look forward to making this for my “owl loving” daughter!! Thanks for a lovely and free pattern! You’re very gracious.

  7. I’ve been working on this owl pillow for several days now, using the same yarn and hook as called for in the directions, but the “feathers” aren’t laying flat like yours. I watched the tutorial and also showed it to an expert crocheter, and she feels that the feathers will eventually lay down, but I’m not so sure. I’m crocheting average to slightly loose, but this kills my thumbs. I’ve crocheted some complicated patterns in the past, but something doesn’t seem right. Instead of the entire piece laying flat, it’s almost like it’s trying to curl up. Do you have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Jules – thank you for reaching out. I did not have any issues with curling when using the crocodile stitch. If you want, send a photo to my email address and I’ll see if I can offer any suggestions. Otherwise, try making a small swatch of the croc stitch and see if wet blocking helps? Everyone crochets a little different, but most issues can be worked out with blocking.

      1. Ive been waiting soooo long for this pattern to come back and it says it will be here yesterday 🙁 i want to make it for my gram who lives owls and shes coming down in two weeks on vacation. Please tell me its ready.

    2. I just bought the same yarn that it’s called for and it’s really fine and hard to work with. I thought she must have mixed the white and gray but it doesn’t say that. If you look at the yarn by the yellow pillow it’s different than whats listed. I tried doing it with just the grey and ripped it out so many times. So frustrating

  8. I am trying to download this on my tablet, and can only get so far before it stalls. Is there another place to get the pattern?

  9. It`s absolutely adorable pattern. Im not sure I need a pillow but I definitely can make Cover case for my Tablet.
    Thank a lot for sharing!

  10. This is absolutely adorable. I’m unable to download pattern on iPhone. Is the pattern only accessible via computer? Thank you

      1. Tried several times to download, it failed each time. I love owls and would really love to make this pillow.

  11. Thanks!I just finished your lovely pillow. It didn’t come out quite right, lol. No show-stoppers but the pattern was difficult to follow in spots. One, the feathers wouldn’t lay flat. Eventually by comparing the croc st you used to other variations, I found that working the next row’s DC in the sl st caused the feathers to curl. If you place the DC in the same st in which you placed the sl st, the feathers will lay flatter. Second, my feathers seem sparse. I can see the pillow stuffing through the feathers. This was unexpected. The croc st doesn’t look so porous. I didn’t find info how to fix this. Third, mine came out rectangular… I misunderstood section 1 instructions for counting so the body is long. It looks cute though. All-in-all it came out fine and my owl-loving friend will be thrilled!

    Thanks, Steph! I’d attach a pic but didn’t see a way to do so.:-)

  12. Dear Steph, what a lovely owl. I tried to download the pattern, but I can not reach the pdf. Please can you send it by email?

      1. So so hoping this becomes available ASAP! I have someone “in waiting” that would love your beautiful design!! I can’t wait to make this!

  13. Hi Steph, this pattern is beautiful. I would love to make it but can’t find the link to the updated pattern! Can you please send me the link? Thanks

  14. Hi Steph,
    When i download the pattern, i have just the ‘final’ page😓, no instruction. Is there a bug?
    I want do it for my friend’s birthday this december 🤞
    Thank you

  15. Hello! I’m excited to try to make this pillow but I’m a little confused. The picture makes the feathers look big and fluffy. I went to buy the yarn and the pattern says it’s super fine (1). I know you double them up but I still don’t see how that’s going to give the big fluffy feathers. Just wanted to double check before I bought the materials that it is supposed to be a super fine yarn. Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly – if you read the pattern carefully, you are holding 1 strand of worsted weight together with the super fine! I did this to make the little pops of black in the “feathers.” I hope that helps!

  16. I can’t seem to find the video to make this. any help you can give me is greatly appreciated! You have an amazing pattern! Thanks for sharing

  17. Love this pillow. I was starting with the foundation row and noticed I didn’t have any spaces between the 2 dc and the single dc. Is that right? In your pic there is a space but in the pattern it doesn’t say to put one. Please help!

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