Simple Chevron Pillow

Simple Chevron Pillow

The Simple Chevron Pillow is crocheted using the modified single crochet stitch for tapestry crochet which creates straight vertical lines of stitches.  You can learn how to do that stitch in this YouTube tutorial via All Tapestry Crochet (

Supplies Needed:
Hook Size:  L (8 mm)
Yarn:  Choose a 5/6 Super Bulky yarn in two contrasting colors for this project
I used  Loops & Threads Lush Alpaca in the following colorways
White – 4 skeins
Charcoal – 1 skein

An 18″ or 20″ Square Pillow form
Tapestry Needle
PDF Graph of design:  Download here

Finished dimensions:  18″x18” approximately
Note:  Gauge is not super important, as the fabric will stretch a bit to accommodate the pillow form, but the gauge I ended up with is about 5 stitches per 2 inches.

ABBREVIATIONS: (American Terms)
Ch – chain
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet

Using white, ch 82.
Join with a slip stitch into the first chain stitch to create a big circle.  Be careful not to twist your work.

NOTE:  This is both the front AND back of your pillow. You will work this entire project in the round, to create a “tube” which will be seamed on the top and bottom ends when complete to form your pillow.  The graph provided is worked twice across for each row (once for the front, once for the back.)

Ch 1, and begin your first row. Place a stitch marker into the ch stitch to keep track of the start of your row.  Work the first row (in the round) with sc stitches to form a base to begin the graph pattern.  When you get to the end of the round, work a sl st into the starting ch, and chain 1 to move onto the second row.  Move your stitch marker up as you go.

On the second row, you will begin using the modified sc stitch that is shown at the top of this post, you will work in this modified sc stitch for the remainder of the project.

Follow the graph for the next 41 Rows.  Carry both colors of yarn through the whole project.

Once you’ve completed the graph and fastened off, flip the work inside out and use your tapestry needle to whip stitch along the top of the pillow to form a seam.  Flip right side out, and add your pillow form, and then finish off the seam along the bottom.

As you can see, my dog seems to enjoy a good “pillowscape”  LOL!

All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  Please do not sell the pattern, but you may sell finished items created from the pattern.  A link back is always appreciated.


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