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Gather ‘round friends, I’ll let you in on a little secret about me: up until this past fall, I had never seen the original Star Wars movies.  I’ll give you a moment to finish gasping, and to fully come to grips with the harsh realities of my childhood. All kidding aside, my husband finally sat me down a few weeks ahead of the big screen release of The Rise of Skywalker and said, “you’re watching them.”  So in every spare moment we had from that point on, we watched Star Wars, all 8 movies, in swift succession. Lord grant me the strength (or, in this case I guess, the force).

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After all that space travel, I guess I just had space on the brain, and thus the design for this banner came to be.  

At a whopping 24” x 32” this C2C banner is my largest banner design to date.  I used Lily Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn for the majority of this project – but a full list of yarns and colors used can be found in the pattern.  You’ll need 3 balls (360 yds to be safe) for the background color, but otherwise, this pattern is perfect for a bit of stash busting!

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Please Note:  The pattern includes the graph and finishing details only – it assumes you already know the fundamentals of crocheting in the C2C stitch (increasing, decreasing) as well as how to carry colors, and follow the graph.  Check out the linked tutorials by some of my favorite makers on my Tutorials page and get familiar before getting started!

Photo Jan 11, 9 02 12 AM

The bobbin system pictured is made by Brooke Byars of Knot In Texas Fiber Arts.  I LOVE THIS BOBBIN SYSTEM for working C2C projects, it makes the process SO EASY.  You can check out Brooke’s etsy shop, and her amazing bobbin systems via the link below:

The Rocket Ship Banner, once finished, is such a fun and colorful piece of art for your walls.  Make one for your child’s nursery or bedroom – and don’t forget to smash those gender stereotypes!  This isn’t just a design for boys – in 2020 (and always) it’s OK for girls to love space and science too!  

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Disclaimer:  All of the patterns you see on this website are free from me to you. Because of this they have not been rigorously tested or tech edited.  I pride myself on offering clearly written, easy to follow instructions and photographs in my patterns – so if you discover any errors, please feel free to reach out to me via email : [email here] and let me know.  Thank you!  


All patterns on this website are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  You may sell items you’ve made using the patterns, but you may not sell the patterns or graphs themselves as your own.  

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I love to see things you’ve made from my patterns!  Give me a tag on instagram or send me an email if you’d like to share!   Happy space travels to you, friends!


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