Rainbow Hexagon Blanket Chart


Rainbow solid Hexagon Blanket

I wanted to create a solid hexagon blanket that resembled a color wheel like you’d see in design software.  I created this PDF graph to make it a little easier to follow knowing what colors I needed to make, and as I attached them, I crossed off each hexagon on my printed graph.

I used various different brands of worsted weight acrylic yarns to complete this project.
I used this tutorial for creating the solid hexagons, but I made my hex’s one round larger.
I used this tutorial for creating the half-hexagons for the edges of the blanket.
I used a size H (5mm) crochet hook.
I joined my hex’s together using the whip-stitch method.

The finished blanket measures []” by []”

Note:  There were a few times where I moved hex’s around or swapped colors here and there, because I thought they looked better than what was on the graph.  Use the graph as a tool to get you started, but once you get going, adapt as you feel necessary!  🙂

Download the hexagon graph PDF here:

All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.
For personal use only – please do not sell the graph, but you may sell blankets made from the graph!  Thank you!!

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