Mickey Zipper Pouch

Mickey Zipper Pouch

The Mickey Zipper Pouch is crocheted using the modified single crochet stitch for tapestry crochet which creates straight vertical lines of stitches.  You can learn how to do that stitch on this YouTube tutorial via All Tapestry Crochet (alltapestrycrochet.com).

Supplies Needed:

Hook Size:  E (3.5mm)
Yarns Used:  Lily Sugar & Cream cotton yarn in the following colors:
Country Red (Optional – for embroidery only)
1/4 yard fabric
Sewing machine (or sewing needle to hand sew)
14″ Zipper
PDF Graph of design:  Download here
Mickey Pouch Graph

Finished dimensions:  14″x 10″ approximately

Ch – chain
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet (American)

mickey1Using Ecru, ch 128 stitches.
Join with a slip stitch into the first chain stitch to create a loop.  Be careful not to twist your work.  You will work each row of the graph pattern twice in the round (once for each side of your pouch.)
Ch 1, and place a stitch marker into the sl st to mark the beginning of each round.

Attach the Black, and begin working first row of the graph using the modified sc.  Remember you will work each row of the graph two times on each round of your work, creating both a front and back side.

Follow the graph, use a sl st into the marked st each round, and ch1 to begin each next row.


Once you’ve completed the pattern, flip the design inside out, and whip stitch along the bottom to form a pouch.

Using Country Red, add some embroidered Minnie bows in Country Red, if you prefer.

To add the the lining and zipper, I used this YouTube tutorial by Bag-o-Day Crochet.

After that – Fill with MAGIC BANDS, and ENJOY!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!

All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  For personal use only – please do not sell.


10 thoughts on “Mickey Zipper Pouch

  1. Hi. Really like your work.
    Please tell whether ch 1 after each complete round is counted as a stitch..
    I want to ask if I need to do modified sc in the same stitch after having ch1

    1. Hi Iqra – no the ch 1 is not counted as a stitch, it is only there to mark the beginning of the new round. There will be a subtle “seam” up the back of the basket where the ch 1 stitches are.

  2. hi Steph…
    really like this pattern of yours here, but since i’m still new in crocheting, do you mind to please make the video tutorial, please~?(T_T)

  3. Hi,

    I really like this pattern. I’m not understanding some of the instructions & can’t get it to work. Could you please make the video tutorial. Would really appreciate it.

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