iPhone Crochet Blanket

iPhone Blanket

This blanket was SO FUN to create.  After being inspired by the C2C emoji graphghan on the Repeat Crafter Me blog, I decided to create an iPhone blanket showcasing some of my family’s favorite apps on the “home screen.”


This pattern is graphs-only, and assumes that you already know how to work in the C2C (corner to corner) crochet style.  If you need to learn, or need a refresher, there are some great tutorials (like this one) on youtube.  Pattern also includes some finishing notes, and a page of blank graph squares for you to print and color to design your own apps if you do not see your faves included.

Download the graph’s here… 


Enjoy!  If you make one, please feel free to share with me, I’d love to see what your creativity will add to your blanket!

2 thoughts on “iPhone Crochet Blanket

  1. Hi Denmark Calls!
    Thanks for sharing recipe , for IPhone blanket !
    My som wished a blanket last year !
    He Said that my flower blankel , was NOT cool for a 16 year old boy 😉
    So mom started Google 👍🏻
    We found your pattern 📱
    We loved it ❤️Now it’s finally done ✔️
    He love it 💙 I have crocheted more apps, He wanted a Big one ! It measures 1.90*1,25
    Thanks from a Cool Mother now 🤣

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, i made one off my own with other apps my kids use on their iPhone. The blanket is langer then yours because i made also the battery and WiFi sign in it. For photo see my pinterest Creanntjes

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