C2C Multistrand Wide Stripe Blanket

C2C Multistrand Wide Stripe Blanket

This blanket is created using the corner to corner (c2c, corner2corner) method of crochet which consists of double crochet stitches and is worked on the diagonal.  Pattern assumes you know how to work in this stitch, but if you’d like to learn, watch this fantastic tutorial.

Supplies Needed:

Hook Size:  I (8.0 mm)
I used Caron One Pound  (Sponsored by the wonderful folks at Yarnspspirations.com) in the following colors:
White (3 skeins)
Soft Pink (1 skein)
Persimmon (1 skein)
Sunflower (1 skein)
Pale Green (1 skein)
Azure (1 skein)
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Tapestry Needle
PDF Graph of design:  Download here

Finished dimensions:  60″ x 60″ approximately

Details about my blanket

I worked this blanket with multiple strands throughout, meaning that on the colored sections, I held one strand of the color, and one strand of white together as I crocheted.  On the white rows, I held 2 strands of white together.  I love the way the white softens the colors, and also gives the blanket a “heathered” look.  It also makes for a super chunky warm blanket, which my family loves.

C2C pattern is worked in the following repetition

Rows 1-16  Crochet using 1 strand Soft Pink and one strand White
Rows 17-20  Crochet using 2 strands White
Rows 21-36  Crochet using 1 strand Persimmon and one strand White
Rows 37-40 Crochet using 2 strands White
Rows 41-48 Crochet using 1 strand Sunflower and one strand White

Begin Decreases

Rows 49-55 Crochet using 1 strand Sunflower and one strand White
Rows 56-59 Crochet using 2 strands White
Rows 60-75 Crochet using 1 strand Pale Green and 1 strand White
Rows 76-79 Crochet using 2 strands White
Rows 80-95 Crochet using 1 strand Azure and 1 strand White

If you find it easier to follow a graph, click here to download one:

I worked my colors into a muted rainbow pattern, but the possibilities are truly endless. You could stick with one color, alternate a couple different colors, or go with 5 different colors of your choice.

I truly love working with Caron One Pound yarn!  It’s so soft and the colors are so pretty and easy to use.  Click here to check it out


Because I loved how the rainbow colors worked up on this blanket, I decided to keep it simple without adding a border or any other embellishments (like pom pom’s or edging.)  I really love the effect of carrying white together with the color, and will definitely be using this method whenever I need to soften up the boldness of a color down the road.

My dogs sure did enjoy this blanket too!  Ha!!

All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  For personal use only – please do not sell.


3 thoughts on “C2C Multistrand Wide Stripe Blanket

  1. Is this listed on ravelry? I want to make, but have too many projects going on at the moment.

    1. Hi Paige! As it’s a pretty large blanket to begin with, I did not include a gauge originally – but I can tell you that each individual square of the C2C pattern is right around 0.6″ (a little bigger than half an inch) and 5 rows of C2C squares should be approximately 3″ wide at the base! I hope that helps!

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