C2C Christmas Tree Banner


C2C Christmas Tree Banner


Download is for the graph only.  This project assumes you know how to crochet in the C2C (corner to corner) style.  If not, learn how via this great tutorial.

Details about my banner:

Hook Size:  G (4.0 mm)

Yarns Used:
Patons Alpaca Blend
Pine (1 Skein) – for tree
Birch (2 Skeins) – for background
Sable – for tree trunk
Butternut – for star
Aquamarine – for garland

Caron Simply Soft 
Black – for surface stitching
Autumn Red – for ornaments and tassel

***This project was sponsored by Yarnspirations***

Finished dimensions:  approximately 15″ x 22″

Download the graph here: xmas tree banner


TIP:  When I am crocheting a banner with a pointy bottom, I tend to start on the flat end, and work the graph upside down so that I am finishing on the pointy end.  I find it easier, but you can work the graph either way, making sure to pay attention to where you need to increase or decrease.

To finish off my banner, I attached a dowel to the top using a little extra of the Birch yarn.  Leave a long enough tail to tie together and make a strap for hanging.


Ornaments:  I made some simple ornaments using up a bit of Caron Simply Soft.
Join chain with a sl st into the first ch to form a loop, then ch 2 (counts as your first hdc)
9 cdc’s into the center of the loop, join with a sl st into the first hdc to form a circle.

Star:  I am a big fan of not recreating the wheel when so many great patterns already exist.  The star for this banner was made using the star pattern from Saraphir Qaa-Rishi’s “Simple Star Garland” which I found on Ravelry.
You can view the pattern here:
Simple Star Garland

***Side Note:  How cute is this garland??  I am adding it to my list of must makes!!

Garland:  For the garland, I just did several chains in various lengths, leaving a long tail at the end, which I then used to loosely stitch the garland piece to the tree.  I really only tacked it to the tree about every inch or so, and played around with the locations until I was happy with how it looked.

Once I added all the appliqué, and realized how close to the top the star was, I didn’t like the balance of the overall design.  There was too much white space at the bottom and it made it feel very top heavy.

I considered adding some appliqué presents, but didn’t want it to feel too crowded.  In the end, after a bit of trial and error, I added the word “noel” with a surface stitch.

Finally, I added a tassel, and a surface stitch around the edge of the design to bring it all together.  Once the balance was restored, I was much happier with the end result.

I think it looks really festive on my front door!  Photos to come soon.

Download the graph here!!

xmas tree banner

All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  For personal use only – please do not sell the graph, but you may sell finished items made from the graph.

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