C2C Boo! Banner

Boo! Banner

Download is for the graph only.  This project assumes you know how to crochet in the C2C (corner to corner) style.  If not, learn how via this great tutorial.

Details about my banner:

Hook Size:  E (3.5mm)

Yarns Used:  Lily Sugar & Cream cotton yarn in Black (2 skeins), Ecru (1 Skein), and Hot Orange (1 Skein)

***This project was sponsored by Yarnspirations***

Finished dimensions:  approximately 13″ x 25″

Download the graph here:    Boo Banner

TIP:  When I am crocheting a banner with a pointy bottom, I tend to start on the flat end, and work the graph upside down so that I am finishing on the pointy end.  I find it easier, but you can work the graph either way.

To finish off my banner, I attached a dowel to the top using a little extra black yarn.  Leave a long enough tail to tie together and make a strap for hanging.

Download the graph here!!

Boo Banner

All designs are originally created by Stephanie Lewis and copyright protected.  For personal use only – please do not sell the graph, but you may sell finished items made from the graph.

16 thoughts on “C2C Boo! Banner

      1. Hi Emma! It’s one of those things that people over-think, so I actually think that makes you smarter! :). If you follow the graph exactly as it shows them, it becomes much simpler to understand. If you look closely at each individual row, you are just alternating between an increase, and a decrease.

    1. Hi Angela – after I have completed all of the C2C, I go back in with extra yarn and a needle and add a few stitches on the corners where the colors have disconnected. There is a great tutorial on this on Repeat Crafter Me’s website, but I can’t seem to track it down. If I find it I will come back and post it here! 🙂

  1. I can not get this to work out right. I have no problem with c2c Just finish a blanket with using a graph. This is my first banner. When do you start decreasing? I started with the flat side by turning it ups down. I did start at the right corner. By any chance do you have a written out pattern? I did notice that in the middle you have the same numbers of stitches. I am probably doing something completely wrong. Please help lol🙂

    1. Hi Linda – Don’t give up! The C2C decreases start wherever there is a corner. When you get to the part of the banner that is pointed, you will alternate between increasing and decreasing at the end of each row depending on where the graph calls for a square, or not. I hope this helps!!

    1. Hi Mike,

      I don’t have a video tutorial that shows this process, but hope to make one someday. the pointy rows are made possibly by only increasing that side of the banner every other row. If you follow the graph, it will show you where you add a square vs. where you don’t. I hope that helps!

  2. Do u have the written version to this banner cause I can’t figure out how to drop the stitches to get the point

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