Beehive Banner

Beehive Banner

The Beehive Banner has been written in my “idea book” for YEARS.  It was one of those projects I had been thinking about forever – but could never decide on whether to make it a blanket, a pillow, or something else entirely.  I eventually landed on “something else” with this cute banner to be hung on a door or wall.  Wouldn’t this make the cutest addition to the decor in a nursery or playroom?

Download the FREE PDF Pattern here:

Beehive Banner PDF – CLICK HERE!

Now get bzzzzzy making!



2 thoughts on “Beehive Banner

  1. Hi there! Thank you for this free pattern, it’s beautiful! I was just wondering though, on the second row of the hexagon pattern it says *dc into next 3st, dc into ch space* after having previously dc’d into the chain space. My question is should this not be “dc into next 2st” instead of 3st, as this would add up to 5 dc in each section, instead of 4 as you state there should be (and are in the picture). Just for clarity 1st into ch + 3st + 1st into ch would make 5st.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated – I may just be being daft so please correct me if I’m wrong! Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this pattern together.

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