Beehive Banner

Beehive Banner

The Beehive Banner has been written in my “idea book” for YEARS.  It was one of those projects I had been thinking about forever – but could never decide on whether to make it a blanket, a pillow, or something else entirely.  I eventually landed on “something else” with this cute banner to be hung on a door or wall.  Wouldn’t this make the cutest addition to the decor in a nursery or playroom?

Download the FREE PDF Pattern here:

Beehive Banner PDF – CLICK HERE!

NOTE:  The Beehive Banner pattern was updated on 8/29/20 to correct error in R2 of the hexagon pattern!

Now get bzzzzzy making!


12 thoughts on “Beehive Banner

  1. Hi there! Thank you for this free pattern, it’s beautiful! I was just wondering though, on the second row of the hexagon pattern it says *dc into next 3st, dc into ch space* after having previously dc’d into the chain space. My question is should this not be “dc into next 2st” instead of 3st, as this would add up to 5 dc in each section, instead of 4 as you state there should be (and are in the picture). Just for clarity 1st into ch + 3st + 1st into ch would make 5st.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated – I may just be being daft so please correct me if I’m wrong! Thanks again for all your hard work in putting this pattern together.

      1. In addition to Tallulah’s edit which I’ve found to be correct as well, R4 of the full hexagon should say “end with 2 dc in the 2 st just before your original ch 3.” It was written to only do 1 dc there but if you only did 1 dc there you’d end up with 7 on that side.
        For the half hexagon the last two sentences of R2 should say “Dc in next 2 sts (instead of 3), dc into ch space, ch 2, dc into same ch space. Dc into next 3 sts (instead of 4).” This will make each side have the 4 dcs. The last sentence of R4 should have 7 sts instead of 6, to make each side come to 8 dcs.
        Absolutely adore this pattern btw!! 😍

  2. Hello! I’m also having trouble as Tallulah is with the second round (which means I’ve had trouble with the whole thing). If I want it to look like yours then I have to dc into next 2 stitches, but then It looks wonky as a stitch is skipped. But if I do above there are 5 DC in each section, not 4, and that’s not what yours looks like, so I’m not sure how you did it! Please help, I’ve started over multiple times thinking I’ve made a mistake and it’s super frustrating. Thank you!

  3. Hi. I’m 71 and only know how to work from printed patterns, but I can’t print am 11 pages because of the ink & paper costs. DO you have books of your patterns available that I’d gladly pay for instead of this online stuff?

  4. Hey Steph,
    I found your pattern and fell in love. After a LOT of time and frustration, I finally came here and found the comment about the miscounted stitches. Please get this fixed so future users of this pattern don’t have to face the same frustrations as me. 😊 I am going to make this a lot bigger and use it as a baby blanket! I am always looking for fun, cute, gender neutral projects.
    Thanks for sharing this!!

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