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Q:  What is that awesome storage bin tower in the corner of your craft studio??

A:  I store my works-in-progress (WIPS) in the Antonius system from IKEA.  I have 3 sets of frames & bins stacked up in the corner of my craft studio.  I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD STUFF ABOUT THIS SYSTEM!  It’s Cheap.  It takes 30 seconds to assemble.  The bins come all the way out, so you can grab a bin and take it to another room to work on, and then put it back when you’re done.  One frame plus the accompanying  4 bins totals just under $20, so my entire unit cost under $60, and I currently have over 30 WIPS stored  in there.  Links below to the frame and bins.

Frame:  https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10177630/

Bins:  https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10177606/


Q:  What ball winder and swift do you use?

A:   My ball winder is THIS ONE from KnitPicks – it’s amazing, easy to use,  and a great price!!

My Swift is THIS ONE also from KnitPicks – The birch looks so nice in my craft room, and it’s really smooth and easy to use. 


Q:  Am I allowed to sell things I make from your patterns in an upcoming craft show I am participating in?

A:  YES!  Of course!  Anything you make using my patterns is yours to sell.  If you’re selling online, I’d love credit to my design, or a link back to my site – but absolutely if you made it, sell it!   Please DO NOT  resell my written patterns or PDF’s as your own, or use my graphs/patterns in any other web or printed materials or patterns without my permission.


Q:  Do you have a YouTube Channel?

A:  YES!  I have recently started my YouTube channel which can be found here!  I hope to add many many more tutorials and product reviews, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see!


Q:  How do you get your color changes so clean on your C2C projects?

A:  The only answer I have for this is PRACTICE.  I tend to crochet with a very tight gauge in general, but if it’s not a project that needs to be a certain size (like a banner, for example) you might want to try crocheting with a smaller hook, or a bulkier yarn.  Also, before you weave in your ends, give them a good tug and make sure they are nice and tight.


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